Exceptional Performance through High Power Output


Available in 50W or 100W, the VXR-9000 promises steadfast performance and an extended range when needed. The sleek and slim-line design of this long-range radio will also ensure easy installation and integration into most repeater sites.

Extensive Channel Capacity with Priority Scan

Equipped with the ability to programme up to 32 channels over a wide frequency range, the VXR-9000, which includes the Priority Channel scanning capability, is a reliable choice for efficient communication.

Automatic Power Revert with Alert

In case of a DC power failure at the repeater site, the VXR-9000 will automatically revert to a backup DC power source, which will then transmit an alert message to the operator to say that immediate attention is required at the repeater site.

Automatic Command Sequence Configuration for Flexibility

The VXR-9000 may be programmed to perform a five-step sequence of commands automatically in case of certain operating events. For example, during a DC power failure, the repeater station will automatically switch to being a backup power supply. The power of the repeater station will then be switched to low. A CW ID will also be sent to the emergency channel to relay the situation.

Built for Great Reliability

Built for resilience and reliability, the VX-9000 features a cooling fan 8 cm in diameter, and thermostatically controlled to ensure a stable temperature. The fan in this long-range radio may be programmed for three options: off, continuous or temperature-controlled, depending on your needs. A malfunction alarm is also included.

Additional Features

  • 6 Dual-function programmable keys
  • 47 CTCSS tones / 108 DCS Encode & Decode
  • Multi-tone decode
  • CW IDTransmitter
  • CW Message
  • Audio Compander per channel
  • D-sub 25 pin accessory connector
  • Automatic DC backup switching with alert
  • EIA rack mount size
  • MH-67A8J: Standard microphone
  • MD-12A8J: Desktop microphone
  • FP-31: Internal power supply unit
  • VPA-9000: 100W Internal power amplifier unit
  • FIF-9: 4-Wire line interface
  • FVP-25: Voice inversion encryption
  • FVP-35: Rolling code encryption