Dual-Purpose Repeater For Efficient Communications


The VXR-7000 long-range radio not only lengthens the communication range of two-way radio systems, but also serves as a base station built for convenience and easy fleet communications, which ensures 100% continuous duty cycle in public safety, industrial or administrative work areas.

Switch Modes with just the Push of a Button

By just pressing the Push-To-Talk transmission button, you can easily convert your two-way radio to different function modes.

Local or Remote Operating Capability

Designed to function with ease, the VXR-700 allows users or operators to switch to remote mode with just a push of a button. This two-way radio system can also be controlled using external devices that are connected to the accessory connector.

Meets Safety Standards

This Vertex Standard mobile and portable two-way radio features DTMF built-in decoding to coordinate with Emergency and ANI functions. If an emergency alert is received from a mobile or portable radio, the VXR-7000 will beep loudly to notify the dispatcher. The LCD on the two-way radio will also blink repeatedly.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

In case of a power failure during operations, the VXR-7000 will immediately switch to the 12-volt rechargeable backup battery, when connected.

Additional Features

  • 16 Channels
  • 8-Character ANI / ENI ID Display
  • 47 CTCSS tones / 108 DCS Encode / Decode
  • CW ID Transmitter
  • Busy Channel Lockout (BCLO)
  • Busy Tone Lockout (BTLO)
  • DTMF Encode and Decode
  • 5-Tone Encode / Decode
  • Multi-Tone Decode
  • Community repeater operation (up to 16 tones)
  • Time-Out Timer, Hang Timer, Guard Timer
  • D-Sub 25 pin accessory connector
  • Line interface port
  • PC Programmable
  • MH-67A8J: Standard microphone
  • MD-12A8J: Desktop microphone
  • MR-3: 19” Rack mount kit (4U size)
  • MR-4: 19” Rack mount kit (3U size)
  • CT-68: Duplexer installation kit
  • VXD-60VC: Internal duplexer VHF 148 -160 MHz
  • VXD-60UD: Internal duplexer UHF 440 – 480 MHz