Multi-Mode HF Radio


Designed to operate both as a mobile radio or base station for long-haul land mobile communication, the multi-purpose 125-Watt VX-1700 is the ideal choice for any applications. Operating modes include LSB/USB (J3E and J2B), AM (A3E) and CW (A1A).

Large Channel Capacity for Easy Call Management

Capable of storing up to 200 channels, the VX-1700 offers you the flexibility to have any number of channels per group. Each channel can be programmed with a 6-character alphanumeric description for quick and easy call management.

Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) Option

To communicate across different organisations without additional equipment and operators, simply install the ALE-2 option. This will enable the VX-1400 to use ALE to select the channel with the best Link Quality Analysis (LQA) score from the programmed channels. ALE automatically removes potential sources of transmission failure for more robust and reliable communication. For convenience, response agencies and organisations seeking an alternative back-channel for use during the loss of conventional communications should consider using ALE-2 option.

Flexible Calling Options

The VX-1700 provides six different built-in calling modes to support various communications requirements, including SELCALL, TELCALL, Message Call (for text messages), Position Request Call, Position Send Call and Beacon Request Call to check for signal quality.

Dual Watch Operation

Operate the VX-1700 radio on one channel while periodically monitoring the designated memory channel to ensure a call is not missed.This is ideal for emergency management situations when it is important that a call gets through to dispatch.
  • 4 Programmable keys
  • Noise blanker
  • CW Semi break-in
  • CW Side tone function
  • BCLO / BTLO and TOT Functions
  • VOX
  • MH-31A8J: Dynamic hand microphone
  • MD-12A8J: Desktop microphone
  • MD-100A8X: Channel control desktop microphone
  • FP-1030A: External power supply
  • MLS-100: External speaker, 12W
  • MLS-200: Waterproof External speaker, 12W
  • ALE-1: Automatic link establishment unit
  • FC-30: Antenna tuner (coaxial lines)
  • FC-40: Antenna tuner (wire/whip antennas)
  • YA-30: Broadband HF antenna 23.4 m
  • YA-31: Broadband HF antenna 15 m
  • YA-007FG: HF Multi-band mobile antenna (7 MHz to 30 MHz requires FC-40)
  • MMB-89: One-touch mobile bracket